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Teaching history at the Elementary, Middle and High School Levels with CICERO
CICERO offers an extensive professional development program for elementary, middle and high school teachers that allows them to increase their own knowledge of the subject, bring rich historical content to their classrooms, and develop superior teaching techniques that significantly increase their students’ academic success.

With CICERO systems, teachers learn how to create a consistent content structure throughout the American History, Western Civilization, and/or World History curricula. The site shows them how to design and write their own lesson plans. It also helps them select teaching techniques that will help students develop a mental schema that builds on previous knowledge learned during the current academic year, as well as, from one academic year to another.

CICERO also helps teachers understand the education standards and requirements applied to their particular state, and it helps them develop clear scoring guidelines that distinguish between levels of students’ achievement in specific areas.

AIHE's Professional Development Simply Works and Produces Exciting Results
AIHE’s innovative approach to teacher professional development implements training methods and teaching techniques that include colloquia, summer institutes, lectures with America’s top As recorded with the U.S. Department of Education in official reports by independent 

evaluators, in TAH grants that used AIHE historians and university professors, use of historical interpreters, teacher field trips to historical sites, and use of artifacts and historical documents.

AIHE’s methodology has proven to raise teachers’ content knowledge significantly and roughly 9 out of 10 teachers rate the program’s experience as "one of their top professional development experiences ever." Additionally, 98 percent of teachers recommend our professional development program to their colleagues.

According to an independent evaluation of AIHE’s professional development methods teachers’ knowledge of history content rose by 21 percent. The results are based on more than 20 representative school districts that use AIHE’s professional development system through the TAH Grant Fellowship across the country. Among the findings:

  • Teachers increased their content knowledge by 11 raw points (21 percent) in the course of one year, based on their grant pre-tests to end-of-year post-tests;

  • Urban district teachers improved even more, scoring 16 raw points better over the course of one year;

  • Students of teachers in their second year of the AIHE TAH program scored 30 percent higher on a test of nationally validated history content questions than students in a matched comparison district;

  • Urban students of teachers in the AIHE TAH program scored 44 percent higher than students in matched comparison;

  • AIHE TAH elementary scores rose 38 percent from the previous year.

Teachers’ Satisfaction
AIHE professional training programs are also evaluated by its participants. On data compiled from 18 different Summer Institutes and 45 Colloquia teacher questionnaires, 92 percent of 675 teachers said they would "definitely use what they learned in the classroom" and that the training "influenced them to modify their existing curricula."

Additionally, 96 percent of teacher participants responded that the training "increased their depth of understanding of the covered topics” and that it “provided them with skills and knowledge that they can apply to other areas of history teaching."

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