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CICERO delivers a variety of resources available to students through a student-dedicated login access to this web site. Students can find homework assignments, guided readings, additional classroom activities, and they can listen to period related music, download podcasts, explore interactive maps of historical events, meet historical heroes and much more.

CICERO's innovative approach will dramatically increase students' comprehension of historical events, personalities, and issues. In addition, with CICERO, students will strengthen their critical thinking, reading and understanding skills that are crucial to their overall academic achievement.

CICERO's resources have been used as part of the American Institute for History Education’s TAH Grant Fellowship program that has proven to increase students’ academic achievement.

Our latest nationwide findings:

  • Students of teachers in their second year of the AIHE TAH program scored 30 percent higher on a test of nationally validated history content questions than students in a matched comparison district;
  • Urban students of teachers in the AIHE TAH program scored 44 percent higher than students in a matched comparison district;
  • AIHE TAH elementary scores rose 38 percent from the previous year.

For more on CICERO please visit "About CICERO."

If your school or school district is interested in CICERO, please contact us now. For information on available funding or school grants, please see the "Funding" section of this web site.

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