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CICERO: History Beyond the Textbook®
CICERO was designed for high school, middle school and elementary school social studies and history teachers to serve as an online digital toolbox to use in their classrooms.  Created by teachers for teachers, CICERO helps teachers prepare more thoroughly and effectively for their classes.

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CICERO’s educational resources include lectures from top historians, scholars and university professors, national experts in history and social studies.

This interactive web site offers abundant educational resources, teaching methodology and professional development tools, and consists of two sections: classroom tools, and professional development.

Classroom Tools – An Educational Toolbox Right at Your Fingertips
CICERO is the ultimate online educational resource with practically every type of historical or educational material you can think of using in your classroom. It delivers a variety of tools such as:

  • classroom activities,
  • complete downloadable lesson plans,
  • assessment methods and formulas,
  • period-related audio clips, art, lyrics and music,
  • historical event maps and interactive battle maps,
  • history challenge games,
  • classroom PowerPoint presentations,
  • history interactive timelines and more.

CICERO is divided into 15 historical units with more than 325 history lessons at the high school, middle school and elementary school levels and its topics include:

  • Greek and Roman philosophies and their influence on America’s founding documents,
  • The First Globalization,
  • North American Colonies,
  • The Birth of Liberty,
  • American Government,
  • The Early Republic,
  • Antebellum America,
  • Civil War,
  • Industrialization,
  • U.S.A. and the World,
  • Progressive Era,
  • World War I Era,
  • World War II Era,
  • Cold War Era, and
  • The New Globalization.

Teacher Professional Development
In addition to rich historical content, CICERO offers an extensive professional development program that allows teachers to increase their own knowledge of the subject, as well as, significantly increase their students’ academic success.

As part of professional development, CICERO provides teachers with:

  • lesson design tools,
  • information on their state's social studies standards,
  • teaching and evaluation methods,
  • subject-related primary source documents,
  • videos of lectures conducted by historians and scholars,
  • assessing performance criteria rubrics,
  • binary paideia, links and more.

Helping Children Learn American History
CICERO has been used by many school districts and individual schools throughout the country for the past four years and it has produced outstanding results. CICERO’s philosophy and methodology revolutionize teaching American History not only by helping teachers become better teachers, but most important, by helping students learn history.

Find out more about how CICERO is helping students learn American history.
Learn more about CICERO’s teacher professional development program.

If your school or school district is interested in CICERO, please contact us now. For information on available funding or school grants, please see the "Funding" section of this web site.

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  • With AIHE's professional development, teachers increased their content knowledge by 11 raw points (21 percent) in the course of one year.

  • Students of teachers in their second year of the AIHE TAH program scored 30 percent higher on a test of nationally validated history content questions than students in a matched comparison district.